An innovative platform developed in partnership with sports science world leaders at Sheffield Hallam University. iCoach is a SmartHub with integrated sensors and AI that can monitor multiple sports performance parameters simultaneously and provide real-time automated coaching guidance to optimise the performance of competitive cyclists.

i-LAPS’ iCoach device uses multiple sensors to simultaneously monitor different parameters related to sports performance. These sensors are controlled by voice commands and can monitor the user’s body, vehicle or environment to provide immediate feedback during training.

The University’s data scientists are developing advanced mathematical models to analyse sports performance and generate feedback based on the data collected by the device. The data and feedback are displayed on the athlete’s smartphone or Apple Watch and can be accessed in real-time over the cloud by teams, coaches, families and fans.

By creating this innovative product, i-LAPS will allow everyday people to improve their sports performance, increase their motivation and have their own personalised voice assistant on hand to offer professional advice and help them achieve their goals at a fraction of the cost of a coach.

i-LAPS is a useful tool for coaches and teams to track their athletes’ performance in real-time and provide feedback based on artificial intelligence suggestions.

Want to try i-LAPS exclusively? We are looking for 1,000 testers to continue developing our product, in return, you can buy the product at a discounted price of more than 50%! Signing up is easy: go to  and fill out the form in the appropriate section.

I-LAPS is a London-based Ltd that was started by Stefano Brozzoni, Colin Howes and Laurence Mahut.
The company began in 2016 after more than 2 years spent in experimentations developing prototypes in collaboration with talented and highly skilled engineers, and hardware and software designers.


Stefano Brozzoni, CEO

Electrical engineer, serial entrepreneur, innovator, exceptionally creative, Inventor and co-founder of  i-LAPS

Colin Howes, COO

Accomplished Senior Director, VP Sales with extensive experience in building deep tech solutions,  co-founder of i-LAPS

Laurence Mahut, CFO

Corporate banker, degree in finance and economics at Reims-Champagne University, co-founder of i-LAPS

Lewis Steward, Sport Dev

Athlete at the Great Britain Cycling Team, degree in biomedical science, pro coach, head of the sport performance development

Dr Chuang-Yan Chiu BMath. Mmath. PhD

Researcher at CSER, Sheffield University, world’s larger sport eng research group, head of AI development

Lance Cottrell

At the cutting edge of Internet privacy, anonymity, and security for 20 years. Lance combines skills in management and business strategy


Brian Proffitt
PE Technology Partner/ HealthTech Innovator of the Year

Russell Brand
Founder & Managing Director – Responsible Solutions Ltd.

Chris Foltz
Advisor | Mentor | Founder Institute EIR | Disruptive Ideas | Collaborations & Initiatives

Dr.Eng. Francisco José Tavira Sánchez
Entrepreneur | Mentor | Founder Institute Munich Director

Antonio Ricciardi
Innovation Digital Transformation | EMBA

Alexandro Sanchez
Senior Executive, in Management and Consulting

Contact Information

Stefano Brozzoni – i-LAPS Ltd CEO
40 Skyline House Dickens Yard Longfield Avenue 
London, W5 2BJ, UK


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